Ladies and gentlemen! E1 Elite, the leader of Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches, has released Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches (2024-02-22) a while ago. For those who are not acquainted with it, Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches is a DLL that extends the features and fixes bugs from Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 map editor for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge and also for the vanilla Red Alert 2. Here are the changes and the fun stuff from Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches (2024-02-22):

Final Alert 2 YR v1.02 Patches

Changes (2024-02-22):
  • Aqrit's DDraw wrapper was placed in the FA2 folder to be used by default (From ForWindows10 folder).
  • Included MapResize tool updated to latest version.

For further information about Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches, visit the Topic at PPM Forums. Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Final Alert 2 YR 1.02 Patches!

MapResize has been released!
February 24, 2024 - 03:13
Aloha! E1 Elite, the leader of MapResize, has recently released MapResize MapResize is a tool made to resize maps of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. It was created to bypass the shortcomings of FinalSun/FinalAlert2, being unable to resize beyond the maximum size limitation of these map editors. It doesn't process tunnels, smudges, base nodes, etc., and it doesn't clean up well. It runs on Windows OS with .Net 4.0.  Here is the official announcement from MapResize:


2024-02-21 (version
- Parsing fix: Accept square brackets in text fields.
- Typelist duplicate handling adapted for RA2/YR.
- Overlay pack encoding updated.
- Empty map pack section checks added.

You can find more information about MapResize by visiting the Topic at PPM Forums, and Official Website. Download the latest version hereThat's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on MapResize!

Greetings, Comrade General! E1 Elite, the leader of FinalSun 1.01 Patches, has recently published FinalSun 1.01 Patches (2024-02-22). For those unaware, FinalSun 1.01 Patches is a DLL that extends the features and fixes bugs from Final Sun 1.01 map editor for Tiberian Sun. Here is what we know about FinalSun 1.01 Patches (2024-02-22):

FinalSun 1.01 Patches

Changes (2024-02-22):
  • Aqrit's DDraw wrapper was placed in the main folder to be used by default (From ForWindows10 folder).
  • Included MapResize tool updated to the latest version.
  • Crashing clone buttons disabled.
  • A few units sidebar listing corrected.

For further information about FinalSun 1.01 Patches, visit the Topic at PPM Forums. Download FinalSun 1.01 Patches (2024-02-22). That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on FinalSun 1.01 Patches!

CnC-DDraw 6.2 is out!
February 23, 2024 - 01:15
A new version of CnC-DDraw, known as CnC-DDraw 6.2, has been published a while ago by FunkyFr3sh. CnC-DDraw is a rendering alternative for old games that uses Direct Draw, making them compatible with newer systems and improving their graphics. You can use it on games like Command & Conquer Gold, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Carmageddon, Carmageddon 2, Warcraft 2, StarCraft, Diablo, Diablo 2, Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, Theme Hospital, Populous: The Beginning, Outlaws, Dungeon Keeper, Dark Reign: The Future of War, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Atomic Bomberman, Dune 2000, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Commandos, Red Baron 3D, F-16 Multirole Fighter, F-22 Raptor, Nox, among others. Here is what we know about CnC-DDraw 6.2:


  • Download and extract it into your game folder
  • Start the game

Game doesn't work? Please check the Readme file and the wiki.


  • [Alt] + [Enter]                  = Switch between windowed and fullscreen mode
  • [Ctrl] + [Tab]                    = Unlock cursor
  • [Right Alt] + [Right Ctrl]  = Unlock cursor
  • [Alt] + [Page Down]        = Maximize window


  • Added support for loading cnc-ddraw from sub dirs - by @egornovivan
  • Fixed a bug on linux (wayland) where games failed to go fullscreen properly
  • Improved cutscene upscaling on linux
  • Updated the EV Nova preset to support the new CE release (Fixes open pilot menu)
  • Added a new shader - jinc2-dedither.glsl

You can learn more about CnC-DDraw by visiting the Official Website. Download CnC-DDraw 6.2. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy CnC-DDraw!

Howdy! Reinforcements have arrived from Romanov's Vengeance as Romanov's Vengeance playtest-20240218 has been recently published by their crew. For those unaware of what is being written here, Romanov's Vengeance is a game that uses OpenRA engine to recreate the experience from Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, with a better balance and new logics to make Allies, Soviets, and Yuri become more competitive. The changes from Romanov's Vengeance playtest-20240218 were announced with the following words:

Romanov’s Vengeance playtest-20240218 Changelog:


  • Engine:

    • Updated engine version to the latest development version. There are quite a few additions and fixes stemming from this, but I don’t have a full list of them.
    • There are probably a few stuff coming from Generals Alpha too, since that mod now uses the same custom engine with Romanov’s Vengeance and Shattered Paradise.

  • AI:

    • Can now garrison civilian buildings.

  • Civilian Props:

    • Added 7 more flags: Bhutan, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, Oman, Panama and Slovenia. Moroccan flags are featured on the Sahara Mirage map.


  • Production UI:

    • The Allied version now has a proper pressed state for the scroll buttons.

  • Superweapons:

    • Firing a superweapon under Stealth Generator now reveals them for a short period.

  • Dolphin/Giant Squid/Mutant Crab:

    • Now affected by Leaflets, Stealth Generator and Spectre Bullets.
    • Chronoboost, Propaganda, Death Bombs, and Cash Bounty can now be applied to them.


  • Color Picker:

    • Fixed the preview MCVs showing water versions.

  • Commander’s Powers:

    • Now has 1 tick build duration, which hopefully should fix the exploit allowing players to select 2 CPs at the start.

  • Abilities:

    • Fixed unit/building spawning abilities not working when targeted on civilian building rubble.

  • Tanya/Crazy Ivan:

    • Fixed that they could target airborne units to place C4/Dynamites.

  • Helicopters:

    • Fixed that they cannot land on Sand on maps with Dune tileset.

  • Nighthawk Transport:

    • Fixed AI’s prefilled Nighthawks contain more units than they normally can.

  • Gatling Cannon:

    • Fixed that it cannot attack structures on water.

  • Yuri Statue:

    • Fixed it, causing crashes on maps with Dune tileset.

  • Tech Missile Silo:

    • Fixed the rotated version not working.

  • Spy:

    • Fixed non-snow artwork being used when disguised as Tanya/SEAL on a snow map.
    • Fixed them being targetable by anti-ground weapons while paradropping.

  • Chrono Miner:

    • Fixed unloading animation being cut a bit.

If you are curious about Romanov's Vengeance, visit the ModDB Profile, and Discord Channel to obtain further information about it. Romanov's Vengeance is downloadable at This Address. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Romanov's Vengeance!

Notepad++ v8.6.3 has been released!
February 19, 2024 - 02:53
Hello ladies and gentlemen! The staff from Notepad++ has recently posted Notepad++ v8.6.3. For those unaware of what is being written here, Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs on Windows. It supports several programming languages, multiple tabs, plugins, and is based on the powerful editing component Scintilla.

Here is what we know about Notepad++ v8.6.3:

We recognize that not every user loves the multi-editing feature. In this release, we’ve added GUI options to disable the “Column To Multi-editing” feature and even the “Multi-editing” feature can be turned off completely. Additionally, users can disable the “copy/cut line while no selection” feature through the preferences dialog.
Furthermore, in the new release, We’ve addressed a performance issue related to “Replace all” and fixed the critical problem where all open files were lost after restarting as an administrator.

The full changelog:
  • Restore the multi-editing option & add the “Column To Multi-editing” option on GUI.
  • Make “copy/cut line while no selection” optional.
  • Fix all open files lost after restarting as Admin to save a file.
  • Fix “Replace All” crash & performance issue.
  • Fix calltip crash due to the division by zero.
  • Enhance Function List for Python to support “async def” & colons in argument list.
  • Fix the Copy/Cut/Paste issue in a Vertical Edge text field in the preferences dialog.
  • Fix macro recording twice for some commands.
  • Fix the “Open File” command not working with TAB preceded.
  • Add auto-completion keywords for PHP, JavaScript, and CSS.

You can find more information about Notepad++ by visiting the Official Website, and Forums. Notepad++ is available for download Here. And that's all for now! Have fun and enjoy Notepad++!

One vision, one purpose! A new version of YouMustConstructAdditional.., known as YouMustConstructAdditional v0.95.11, has been posted recently by patrickwieth. For your information, YouMustConstructAdditional.. is a Real-Time-Strategy game that uses the OpenRA engine. It forks Combined Arms and it strives to create massive battles with GDI, Nod, Scrin, Allies, Soviet, and China.  The changes from YouMustConstructAdditional v0.95.11 were announced with the following words:

New Features

  • Dragon Tank is now a voxel unit
  • Overlord is now a voxel unit
  • Helix Mortar Bunker added. This is the same as the normal Helix Bunker but comes with Mortars instead of Tank Hunters.


  • Propaganda now gives a small range buff (10%) to infantry.
  • Nationalism has a stronger effect now

Bug Fixes

  • Bulldozer was too small, is a bit bigger now

You can find more information about YouMustConstructAdditional.. by visiting the Official Website, and Discord Channel. You can grab the latest version of YouMustConstructAdditional.. by clicking Here. That's all, folks! Stay tuned at PPM for more news coverage on YouMustConstructAdditional..!

The End of Days - 0.98.5 Patch 10 is out!
February 18, 2024 - 23:47
Comrade General! We have news for you. There is a new version of The End of Days published under the name The End of Days 0.98.5 Patch 10. For those who are not acquainted with it, The End of Days is a mod for Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour. It adds Russia and the European Defense Alliance as new playable factions and improves the original three with new units, structures, and special powers! It strives to bring an authentic real-war feeling, with a few fictional additions for more fun and diverse gameplay & tactics! It also replaces Heroes with elite infantry, and Superweapons are mostly presented as mobile ICBM Launchers like Russia's Topol-M or China's DF-41. It also innovates with purchasable subfactions at your tech center instead of the original choice of "Generals" before battle, which allows you to change your strategy mid-game to counter your opponents! Each of the 4 factions has 3 completely different subfactions to choose from. Here is what we know about The End of Days 0.98.5 Patch 10:

New patch for 0.98.5 version featuring AI, balance, and voice improvements!

============================= TEOD 0.98.5 Patch 9 =============================
  • Fix incorrect version number.

============================= TEOD 0.98.5 Patch 10 =============================
  • Fixed Chinese JH-7A Flounder skin
  • Fixed dead Artillery platform object name
  • Fixed Satellite hack description
  • Fixed Frenzy description
  • Fixed GLA having power at the start of the game
  • Battle bus now starts without RPG inside
  • +2 Sec build time for Battle bus and Battle Fortress
  • Fixed Mi-24 machinegun malfunction

Talking about voice improvements, here are some recent additions:


Official voice for Russia S-70 Okhotnik Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle.
Voice actor: TartarusCast

Tak tochna, deploying Okhotnik squadron.
UAVs on the way, General. Granting flight control to you.
Okhotnik Squadron is entering the combat area. Stand by.

Bomber UAV online.
Under control.
You have full permission, General.
So? how's it looking?
Unmanned stealth bomber.

Bypassing enemy defenses.
All systems are nominal.
Received new move order.
Na okhote.
We've got flawless vision.

Confirmed target.
Removing stealth coverage.
We've got a big surprise for them.
Opening bomb bay doors.
Okhotnik commencing bombing run.

Attack Air:
Aircraft spotted and locked.
We'll put them down, Comrade, don't worry.
Let's help our anti-air a little bit.

Official voice for Russia Orion Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Voice actor: Haubibban

Ready for scouting operation.

Orion visual channel enabled.
The enemy will not hide.
We will report their movements, General.
Bespilotniy razvedchik.
Want to report an issue?

New scouting area?
Scanning for enemies.
They won't slip through.
Order received.

Unable to engage, comrade.
This UAV has no weapons.
Strelyat nechem, tovarisch.

Official voice for USA BGM-129 Spear Cruise Missile Launcher.
Voice actor: Killing_You

We will spear through the enemy defense line.
Extreme Altitude and Range missiles online.

On the surface.
Spear cruise missile launcher at your command.
A weapon to bring justice.
Our hand has the longest reach.
Spear guidance systems set.
We never miss.

Deactivating missile launcher.
Spearheading forward.
Recalculating terrain specifics.
Escorting is recommended.
Spear launcher relocating.

Target marked for missile strike.
Mobility won't save them.
An ordinary target.
Applying maneuver patterns.
Optimal launch distance calculated.
Evasion chance: below 10%
Freedom to your doorstep.

Nuclear Missile Upgrade:
Upgrading Spear Launchers with nuclear warheads.
Rearming to nuclear Spear missiles.
Spear Launchers received WMD ordnance, General.

Official voice for GLA 1S91 SURN Mobile Radar System.
Voice actor: Killing_You

GLA Radar enabled!

GLA Radar services
When is our next stop?
Surn radar here
So? where do you want me to go?
Equipment ready for deployment!
Oh yes, we sure can find them!
Eh? It may need a little oil.

Searching for an enemy
Navigation set
Yes, yes, I go
Radar is moving
Lead me to safety

This radar is still working!
We're even catching something!
Hold on, we have almost found them!
Careful with that dish!
Radar station online, General
Hey! What are those green dots on the screen?

SURN Scan Upgrade Complete:
Expanding service area.
We can now scan the enemy territory.
Installing high-frequency scanners.

GPS Scrambler Module:
Installing GPS Scrambler.
Changing equipment to GPS Scrambler

GPS Scrambler Module Complete:
GPS Scrambler installed!
GPS Scrambler is active!

Select Scrambler:
GPS Scrambler, how can I help?
We provide some? special? services!
Oh, sorry! I've lost my radar here somewhere?
I heard you needed some privacy?
They can still see us!
You know?. This is expensive equipment!

Scrambler is moving.
Don't let them see us!
Keep it quiet!
You choose routes this far on purpose, don't you?!
The further we go, the longer the enemy can see us!

Deployed Scrambler:
Cloaking field is active!
We are preparing a big surprise!
Stealth systems checked.
They will never track us.
Stay unseen.
Hidden and dangerous.
Hardly seems fair, doesn't it?

Official voice for Russia Uran-9 Unmanned Combat Ground Vehicle.
Voice actor: Killing_You

Uran UGV deployed.

General? Eh? How's the controls?
Combat drone fully operational!
I will not fail this time, I promise!
This is an expensive toy, da?
Oh man, just look at all those buttons?

Why pick roads this ugly?
*sighs* Da, da?
Let's not push it though!
Are we in a hurry?
I know, I know?

Oh man, here we go!
Hope they won't fight back!
Alright, deploying weapons!
I won't let them break our new toy!
Entering combat mode!

Official voice for USA XQ-58 Valkyrie Advanced Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle.
Voice actor: Killing_You

Valkyrie on station, passing flight control.

Stealth UCAV online.
The picture goes pretty smooth.
Valkyrie operator, ready for tasking.
Visual channels clear.
Any control issues, sir?

Roger, relocating UCAV.
Solid copy.
Received new target area.
Copy, moving Valkyrie there.
No response delays, we'll be there soon.

Objective marked, engaging.
Copy, engaging hostile.
Locking camera view on target.
Adjusting Valkyrie attack priority.
No worries, sir, they won't see us coming.

Attack Air:
Readjusting for air targets.
Copy, eyes on the skies.
Understood, tracking aircraft.

And finally, a new unit that should be featured in the upcoming releases:

EDA Dassault Rafale Fighter Render.

You can learn more about The End of Days by visiting the ModDB Profile, Discord Channel, and YouTube Video Channel. You can grab the latest version of The End of Days by clicking Here. And that's all regarding The End of Days for now. Stay tuned at PPM for more news about The End of Days!